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Coliving could be a remedy of the desocialized society we are living in.

The digitalization of our interactions is expanding our social reach and its velocity but it has removed the alchemy of spiritual essence and physical bonds. Dehumanization has been amplified by the current calamity and our social relationship is crumbling in the process. To say nothing of, we all have seen the extreme behaviors in and out of our social circles.

How can we maintain an inspired life-style and a sane mind-set when our movements are limited?

Coliving could be viewed as a world shrunk into one eccentric space; mirroring the perks of a city for mingling and leisure moments as well as feeling the security of being safe at home with your tribe.

While we are living in a difficult period, we must not disregard the importance of the simplicity of life:

To feel a sense of place and belonging,

To share and to experience,

To build moments and memories.

With this intention, we are building a house for our members to thrive and triumph. In a coliving community, even nomads can grow deep roots.

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