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Tribee community.


Disconnect to connect!

Tribee IS community,  designed exclusively for well-travelled professionals who seek wellbeing, performance and balance.

Tribee community

We first focus on you, our Members - global citizens, entrepreneurs, nomads and high performing commuters who want to share their dreams, skills and experiences and live more together. We understand that you are looking for quality housing AND quality human connection, network and inspiration. We are also aware that the world is changing, therefore we want to reinvent the way we live and the way we experience life.


At Tribee, we are offering more than just an accomodation. We want you to feel like you’re a part of a family. This is your home, you can decide how much you want to socialise and when. Whichever you choose, we, Tribee Community, are here for you.


Coming from different corners of the world; having experiences in various professional fields; speaking multiple languages, the dust never settles under our feet... Tribee Community meets under one roof and finds happiness and a sense of belonging. 


Everybody brings value to this tribe. Become a Member and make your own impact!

With  Tribee Community, you can...

Book your stay at Tribee.

Join all the classes and house perks nearest to you:

guided mediation & yoga class, movie nights at the screening room... and more!

Get invitations to our Coronaperol and Tribee Experiences.

Meet our Business Club Team and grow your skills and network. 

Find your workstation and enjoy a stress-free zone.

Receive discounts and news near you. 

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