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  • What happens if a new member is arriving from another country? How do we guarantee our current members’ safety?
    Mandatory temperature measurement at the Coliving Entrance. All members are required to disclose their previous whereabouts before arriving at Tribee. Members will not be allowed to stay if they did not practice self-isolation measures and followed the local health authority regulations. Invited guests are required to wear masks if they cannot provide the above information.
  • Can I practice self-quarantine while staying at Tribee?
    Yes, provided that you show documentation (test results) that you have not been infected with the virus, have practiced a minimum of two weeks self-isolation prior to your arrival; and practice social distancing during your stay.
  • What are the interior specific measures to adapt Tribee amenities with the Covid-19 and consequences?
    We will be providing masks, gloves and antibacterial gel at the entrance of the premises.
  • What is the penalty for early termination or breaking of contract?
    We evaluate on a case by case basis during Covid-19 period. Please get in touch with your community manager and we will respond to your request promptly.
  • Is this a coliving inside a hotel? How does it work?
    Yes, Tribee has partnered up with building owners and we have transformed all or part of the building into a coliving. While Tribee has its dedicated area for its members, areas such as the entrance, elevator, restaurant and lounge bar are shared with the hotel guests too.
  • Can I schedule a viewing?
    Yes. Both virtual and in-person viewings are available.
  • What is included?
    Living facilities include your private room (and bathroom), shared living room, kitchen, workspace, fitness room and screening room. We designed membership perks to fill the community with experiences and opportunities to build meaningful relationships. To name a few, we currently offer recurring activities of the following: weekly yoga classes, movies in the screening room, sunset aperols (at no additional costs). We curate authentic Experiences in every city where Tribee is present. These are activities and events that are hosted by local experts where they will take you behind the scenes and share their skills and passion with you. If you are an entrepreneur, our Business Club will connect you with the right contacts through our global hubs. Similar to the membership perks, we hold masterclasses, pitch sessions and networking aperols.
  • How do I pay?
    Rent is paid monthly starting on the first day that you move in. To reserve your room, the first month is paid in advance when you complete your booking.
  • Can I make a same day booking?
    Allow 24 hours to process the booking.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit?
    Authorisation of 50% of will be frozen on your card.
  • Must I be a member to stay at Tribee?
    Yes. Membership fee is already included in monthly stays.
  • What is the minimum and maximum length of stay?
    The minimum length of stay is one month. There is no maximum length of stay.
  • What's your cancellation policy?
    Yes. At an additional price. It must be indicated in the booking stage and both documentations should be provided.
  • What's your refund policy?
    Refund to your Tribee e-wallet.
  • How do you vet guests and members?
    We vet our guests and members with verifiable professional history profile like Linkedin and other social network accounts. Our community manager will meet the member online or in-person during an onboarding call after booking is complete.
  • Can I find out who my coliving flatmates are?
    Yes, their profiles will be shared with you when you book your room.
  • What amenities are included?
    Bedsheets and towels in your room, refreshments such as water, coffee and fruits, a fully equipped kitchen and self laundry service are included.
  • What is the Business Club?
    Our Business Club is very similar to an Incubator where we will provide you support to launch your startup. It is also a base for you to advance in your career development and grow your network. We will connect you with the right contacts through our global hubs. Similar to the membership perks, we also hold masterclasses, pitch sessions and networking aperols.
  • How do I get in touch with a community manager?
    If you are not a member yet, communicate with us by chat from our web site or send an email to with your contact information and our community manager will contact you promptly.
  • Do you accept couples?
    Yes. At an additional price. It must be indicated in the booking stage and both documentations should be provided.
  • Can I have invited guests who will not stay overnight?
    Yes. For safety reasons, we require your guests to sign up and checkin as a member at Tribee. Make sure your guests have practiced social distancing and is/are in good health. Each member can invite up to 3 guests per visit.
  • Can I have invited guests to stay overnight?
    Yes. Provided that your guest has practices social distancing and is in good health. Kindly register on our app and notify the community manager if the stay is longer than one night.
  • How many people will I be living with?
    From 1 (yourself) up to 39.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a paid member?
    Weekly guided meditation, yoga, movie nights at the screening room, free use of musical instruments, coronaperol. Amenities: coffee, water, fresh fruits.
  • Do you allow pets?
    It will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Please send an email to or reach out to your community manager.
  • What if I wish to extend my stay in the same room?
    To guarantee the availability of your room, notify your community manager and book your room on our platform as soon as possible. Our members typically schedule the reservation of the room two weeks before the beginning of each month. If no reservation is made, the room may be given away at the end of your stated stay.
  • Do I have a discount if I stay more than 1 month?
    Yes, you will obtain a discount if you make a reservation for more than 3 months.
  • Do I need to give notice before I leave?
    No, but please notify your community manager and send an email to with your membership information prior to your departure. The earlier the better so our team can facilitate any logistics.
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